Sunday, 14 September 2008

Police Drama on Jasmine Terrace

Aberdeen. A quiet Sunday afternoon. A quiet Aberdeen Sunday afternoon that would remain quiet for the rest of the afternoon.

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A fire brigade tender blocked the view out from the person inside the ground floor flat. An ambulance crew was on hand, as well as a gas technician.



News gatherers gathered images and words for the news reports.


I checked out other streets for a view of the flat, but walls and vegetation obscured the scene.


As the afternoon drew on, the ambulance crews swapped over.

And then, people started packing up and leaving. Something had happened down the side-street. A peaceable and silent resolution. The ambulance left, unused.


The plain clothed "Crime Management" gents left, one speaking into his 1st generation iPhone. With all the attention on the front, people had been inside and round the back, doing whatever needed to be done. It was interesting to watch the operation, and wonder at what was going on, quite literally, behind the scenes. Professional and methodical.

I'll link to the newsfeed when it appears.


Background - Mike texted me to say that a drama was unfolding outside Morrisons. If the journalists didn't show, I could sell the newspapers photos. I was too clagged up with the flu cold, I also get nervous in urban situations; so he borrowed my dSLR and headed off. After a few minutes, I felt guilty, so grabbed some spare kit, and a point-and-click camera and went after him. Also, if he got harassed for taking photos, I wanted to record the scene.


Ken Ross said...

For less details

Michael G Clark said...

My photos were better than theirs, should have sold them after all. Dammmmmmmmmn.

AktoMan said...

Much more info in the P&J