Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Amazon Amazon

I’m just ordering a couple of books from, and noticed the total invoice amount was too high. It only listed the two books. I had to press the “change quantity” button to see that two copies of one of the books had been put against my name instead of one. I had a similar issue at Christmas, but used the two ‘extra’ books as separate gifts for people; thinking I’d made a mistake.

Here, no such thing. Pure and simple. Two pages open with the books I’m after and press “Add to basket”.

Of course, in these times of financial difficulties, one can be suspicious, but I reckon it is more likely to be a coding issue that fails to handle multiple pages on the same site. Strange that I’ve not had an issue with this in the past.

Be vigilant.


baz carter said...

I had the same thing happen on the run up to Xmas myself. Didnt spot it though. Thankfully the goods return process is very easy to use.