Thursday, 19 March 2009


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What a day. From the flight down, the clockwork flow of travel in London - including the comical announcement from the tube driver for why he had to stop his tube in a tunnel for a few minutes. A good PC World, food street market and a laze around Finsbury Green waiting for venue to open. And what a first day!! I went to the "in practice" hall and came away with 9 pages of notes and a head buzzing with ideas. Day 2 tomorrow. Bring it on.

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Alan Sloman said...

Hi Duncan - So what did the tube-driver say? I am all in suspenders here!

paulmartin42 said...

Is that the new Zara on the right

AktoMan said...

@Alan - The tube stopped. The lights cut out. There was no wave of panic as newspapers rustled. The lights came up dim. The driver came on to say that we'd be delayed here for a couple of minutes because the controller likes sending tourist trains up branch lines.

AktoMan said...

@Paul - :)