Wednesday, 4 March 2009



After some chatter about Twitter at work, I went looking for mobile clients and found Snaptu. It works on my Nokia. Looks smart and caught up with some film news. As to Twitter. Well, not being a fan of chat rooms – I don’t do small talk, breath is too important to waste on worthless chatter. Life moves on, and I’ve just wasted precious heart-beats on the mundane daily life of other mundane folk. Pub, talk, edited highlights, agonising lowlights, set the world to rights – all missing from the inane chatter of SMS text messages.

But it is a tool. Useful in cases. Useless in other cases. It sits there in the toolbox. When I need it for work, I’ll just get the students to use the site as a character-counter, then copy/paste it into an email, or wiki page in Blackboard. Or give them a pen and a Post-it note.

I look forward to seeing what Snaptu offers next. It looks good. Does what it says on the tin. I guess that nothing more is needed from an app that lets you access other apps.