Saturday, 28 February 2009

Psych board

Psych board, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

It didn't take long for the wii fit to tell me this. It was an accident, officer. I didn't mean to cause the tightrope-walker to plummet to his death!


sally in norfolk said...

When Geoff goes away i will borrow the wi-fit and expect i will then need to buy one when he returns.... what sort of bargain were they in asda :-)

AktoMan said...

Sixty-seven quid, I think.

sally in norfolk said...

quite a bargain then... :-)

AktoMan said...

I thought so. Having seen them priced at 80-100 quid, I was keeping an eye out for one at the stated RRP.

Had fun on it with Shaun White's Snowboarding game that works with it. I need to get some practice in. Some fun music tracks too.