Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow day 2

Snow day 2, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

No mention on bbc radio 4. I listen for an hour. All is fine. I leave the flat at 0745 and walk into a blizzard of a snow-velcro mix. Over 67 schools closed. Some roads outside aberdeen closed or disrupted.


Gayle said...

That looks like a good quarter of an inch of snow. Didn't you get a snow-day-off because of it?

Radio 2 this afternoon would have us believe that it had become pretty nasty up there (but then they would also have us believe that the journey I made to Brum today (without any difficulty) was impossible).

AktoMan said...

At least they mentioned it. I could get over it when I switched to Northsound 2 and found 67 schools closed (the number would rise later) and rounds closed. Nothing at all on the "British" BBC Radio 4.

Evening classes were cancelled and I got an email with photos from one student showing me the weather out his way. With modern comms, students were great at texting class-mates and emailing about absences. Hopefully when they are running the country, they'll do the same when they have to cancel meetings themselves.

AktoMan said...

Oh, and Gayle - when I looked out at 0730, there was no sign of this. Aberdeen City, being coastal, and flanked by higher ground, can miss the bad weather affecting the Shire.

A mate took 2 hours to get to Westhill. A student reported white-out conditions on her bus-journey south to the City.

But, hey, it isn't a pi55ing competition. I just get disappointed that this morning's news didn't report the closures/disruption affect places north of the Midlands (of England). At least they didn't go on about the BBC news of the day instead - oh ... they did.

dexey said...

Here you go Aktoman. BBc and Aberden is shown:


Anonymous said...

We still dont have any snow here on the Isle of Lewis so what's this about roads closed. Radio or TV dont mention our good weather although it is very cold. At least we can wear warm clothes without the fancy boots.