Thursday, 26 February 2009

Something for the Wiikend

I succumbed when I saw one of these in Asda for a good price.


However, I wasn’t tempted when I saw this in the carpark. Maybe there’s a niche for a Wii product there?

Asda carpark


AktoMan said...


paulmartin42 said...

wot else was in the trolley

AktoMan said...

A couple of cheap dvds - I couldn't afford food.

Hey, you got your blog back?

Michael G Clark said...

That mentalist lives in my building.

AktoMan said...

Small world

andy west said...

Is that for real?
I met a guy from New Zealand that nearly burnt his feet off doing that!
I think I would give it a miss.
(and probably the Wii too!) ;0