Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Test from mobile

Test from mobile, originally uploaded by dimacleod.


AktoMan said...

Yup. All working once more. Problem seems to be that the association between Blogger and Flickr was lost. I reset it and all is working once more.

Dice? Don't get me started on dice. Every one of mine has a history. But then, what is life without a backstory? Merely an existence.

Taffy said...

Hi Duncan
Can you tell me what you use to post to your blog when you are on a trek? Which mobile etc. I am still new to all this and would love to know. Your posts from the WHW last year were so up to date. It was fascinating.

AktoMan said...

Hi Taffy, the WHW I did a couple of years back was a live text-post to the blog from the phone straight to Blogger. Photos were added by me later from my PC.

You can use Customise >> Settings >> Email >> Mail-to-Blogger Address

Fill in the blank of the email address with your secret password, then email from your phone to that address, and Blogger does the rest.

AktoMan said...

Nowadays, I use Flickr from my Nokia 6220c as it can post a better photo. For this, you need to associate Flickr with your blog (and it isn't just Blogger, but a list of blog hosts). You can do it all via Blogger, but I prefer the better sizing in Flickr.

Got to Flickr.com >> Your Account >> Extending Flickr >> Your Blogs. There you can get an email address to post to where it will not only post to Flickr, but also on to the blog that you set up. Because you are linking one system with another, and then accessing them via email from a mobile phone, it isn't 'totally easy', but is 'easy'. And if you make a mistake, you can just try again.

What I tend to do is to take a few photos with the camera and select one to post. I'll then edit it on the phone down to approx 800 x 600, sometimes I'll crop the image too. Then I'll send it by email, adding text, to your Flickr account, and it will pass it on to Blogger. Which is nice.

If I wish to add more images to the post later, I'll edit them on the PC, upload them to Flickr, and then use LiveWriter to add any new text, and the useful "Insert Flickr Images" plugin.

I have tried sending video directly, but it just eats up battery life. I'm on a free data tariff, so it doesn't cost me, but dwindling battery power is a pain (as my 1/2 WHW last year showed).


Stephen McGuire said...

I use Ovi and setup channels per trip then use an embedded photo strip to show the photo's right in my blog post. Had to edit the html width to fit better (size 400 instead of the default). Flickr is cool and I have a ton of photo's there but they want $ for settting up different albums and such, I plan on removing my photo's from there and albums before it expires. Ovi is free and is integrated with my mobile phone (note: I work for Nokia so I'm biased :) ).

I found that emailing blogger didn't always work or I didn't like the final result. Haven't tried it in a while since Ovi works just fine.


AktoMan said...

I've not heard of Ovi, Stephen. I'll give it a look. I went 'pro' on Flickr after a free host started moving their systems overseas and I was without images for a few weeks.