Wednesday, 18 February 2009

1DR in WegieLand

Taking it on the chin that this Aberdeen movie slates part of the Central Belt, “One Day Removals” is being shown as part of the Glasgow Film Festival on Friday evening. Yup. Not midweek, but at a proper time.

Glasgow Film Theatre 2
Friday 20 February, 18:30
Director: Mark Stirton
Featuring: Patrick Wight, Scott Ironside

Festival Page

As mentioned in the past, the film contains an honest amount of swear words. But you’ll hear more on the city streets walking to the movie, but instead of shutting them away they are woven into the script of the labourers.


AktoMan said...

Stirton Productions post #1

AktoMan said...

Pre-showing mentions in the media

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The Guardian

STV News & Gossip

Eye For Film: Great Scots >> Iannucci Debut to Open Glasgow Film Festival

The List: Glasgow Film Festival: Recommended Comedies

In “The Skinny”, Gail Tolley looks at the highlights of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival. Not a mention; but then she thinks that “Robin and Marion” is a lovely film. Yuck. ;-)

Filmstalker – who was going to be thinking of questions to ask Mark Stirton.

AktoMan said...

Images are up on the Stirton Production blog:
part 1 and part 2

The Director's Cut can be seen on Mark Stirton's blog. Note the use of the phrase "sold out screening".