Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow day 6

Snow day 6

With temperatures reported down to -12'c, busses breaking down and car door locks freezing, it is a joy to hear a local councillor say that all that can be done to grit pavements has been done. The chap went on to say that all the city folk needed to do was to contact their road engineers. (source - northsound2 news at 0700). I trust my tnf hedgehogs in this weather.


AktoMan said...

-9.8'c recorded at Aberdeen Dyce by Met Office at 0900hrs; -7.9'c at Aboyne; -17'c at Aviemore.

Gayle said...

"Car door locks freezing". I was awoken by a hammering on the front door at just after 5.30 this morning. Mick had gone out, started the car and left it running whilst he scraped the windows. Then he found that the door had frozen shut. With no central locking, he needed my keys to open one of the other doors.

As to snow conditions, I've not seen the lawn for seven days now. It's been a lot of years since we've had snow that stuck around for more than a day.

Martin Rye said...

T shirt weather for you hardy Scots then. I think I recall my lowest temp in the hills is a warm -7. I know you say "wimp". But me I would stay at home. Wait to spring I say. - 12. Sod that.

colin said...

Huh..I was lagging pipes under a caravan at -15 about a month ago.Wasn't in a t-shirt tho.