Sunday, 15 February 2009

130 Years Later

The lighting was poor, but at least the rain hadn’t come to anything. With dSLR in pack, I dodged round the growing crowds before 11am on a Sunday morning in Aberdeen. Yesterday’s recon had paid off and I could go from shot to shot with minimal fuss, and concentrate on the image in hand.

Market Cross

The Market Cross

Aberdeen Savings Bank

Aberdeen Savings Bank (in 1860), Exchange Street

Denburn Valley

Denburn Valley. The original image can be found here on Scran. Scran notes:  At the right is Belmont Congregational Church opened in 1865, and now closed. The church with the brick spire is known today as the Triple Kirks - Albion and St Paul's and East and Belmont Churches. Most of the building has now been demolished although the spire remains.

Union Bridge

Bridge Street junction had changed so much that I selected an image that showed motion, even managing a seagull plonked on the top of the old King’s head as people stand around.

I dropped the Castle Street view, and Union Terrace Gardens had changed too much to recognise.

Post-production: RawShooter.


kaki nginti said...

nice pictures

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Kaki. Very washed out due to the poor light. Composition limited by the subject-matter. And no exotic fish at all. Your photos are far better in all these respects ;-)


scott said...

That last one's spot on.

Excellent stuff.

AktoMan said...

Ach, the light was washed out, Scott.

I've submitted the 3 images for marking, omitting the Savings Bank in the end. I can get some extra marks for blogging about it, so did a vlog instead of just repeating text from here.