Saturday, 21 March 2009

Government Health Warning

A name to watch out for: Derek Robertson. This man is infectious. He should carry a warning. He causes sleeplessness, and a knowledge that the answer isn’t “42”, but it is close at hand.

Derek Robertson, my colleague from LTS, reinforced what appeared to be a team message by describing technologys and computer based games that can be used to support the teaching of literacy, numeracy and much much more in schools. For me Derek is at his best when he argues for using technology to promote social inclusion and when he gives concrete examples of how to encourage responsible learning with technology. As usual Derek entertained and easily convinced the audience.
I was very pleased to see councillor Richard Stroud show video clips of the Cairngorms National Park, some were made by pupils from schools surrounding the Cairngorms mountains. He was clearly excited and enthused by the potential of Glow to support education about the National Parks. His messages were from the heart, as a councillor, as a mountaineer and skier, and as a resident in the Cairngorms National Park. He talked about this special mountain environment, highland culture, the local economy and issues of sustainability.

Source: Martin Brown

The Cairngorms on the curriculum! Well, they’ve certainly taught me a thing or twoLTS Scotland’s posting has more information.

I am saddened by the dates. I feel so left behind in all of this, and need to strive to do better. See, I told you Derek was infectious!!!

Do not click this link to Derek's blog.

I already feel the need to buy Guitar Hero and learn to play the guitar and then …. oh boy! .
(Ollie Bray at Musselburgh, and an article in the Sunday Herald explains all).


Big Kev said...

Ah yes, Glow. I remember sitting in LTS's Glasgow office about 3 years ago and being all enthused. There's a campfire story right there.

AktoMan said...

An Englishman at the conference was praising the Scottish system. Huzzah. Oh, wait a minute ...

AktoMan said...

Guitar Hero:World Tour (Wii edition) ordered from HMV's sale. Already looking at hooking it to the smartboard at work. Oh boy.