Friday, 6 March 2009

Samsung NC10

Samsung NC10, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

Got the new mini notebook today. I don't talk about work here, but it was a good, humbling presentation. The recent purchase of my wireless router came in handy as i'm now installing software - having updated the oem software - whilst watching a concert on bbc alba.


paulmartin42 said...


paulmartin42 said...

that is humbling for everyone else as u won again PS Two posts as Googleplex mainframe wobbling again

AktoMan said...

We all do our bit in the greater scheme of things. Seize the day.

Wayne said...


You/ve go a very interesting blog goin on here. I really liked the WW1 piece which was very amusing and took me back to days when I useed to create battle boards and chew/melt plastic soliders to create the dead and injured and place them in shell holes. It's ok I grew up to be reasoably well adjusted.

Anyway - the reason for getting in contact is we are trying to encourage people with an interest in outdoor activity to add useful products and create useful lists on it's a new site for user generated content and product reviews.

It should represent a good opportunity for you to share some knowledge and create links back to your blog. I hope the site will be of interest to you and hopefully your readers.



AktoMan said...

Thanks for the feedback, Wayne. I have passed on your comment to other outdoor bloggers, as I don't get out much just now, so am uncomfortable with reviews.