Monday, 29 January 2007

201 USB woes

Ach well. Why is life never simple? Hardware won't talk to software, or the cable isn't the correct cable, or the drivers weren't correct. It's just a sodding GPS system, why is this a problem for the computer tech people?

Just imagine if batteries for cameras and torches were as bad as mobile phone batteries? "I'm sorry, but we don't stock the battery for the Canon X2 camera. We can order them in for you?" End result, unhappy customer.

No-one in tech-land seems to be bothered with long-term customer satisfaction as battles for non-standards seem to be just another way to rip money from the cold dead hands of the investor in technology.

Quite frankly, I'd have had a more productive evening digging the Silva compass out and spending the time on improving my compass skills. Say "goodbye" to the diktats of sloppy technology. Run free from the Heath Robinson-dom of modern computer systems. If cars were still run the way that computer systems operate, we'd have steering systems from the 1920's controlling rocket-engines, with 20 miles of fuel in the tank, but the next compatible filling station is 30 miles away. Information may set us free, but incompatibilities in technology steels too much free time.


John Hee said...

You want to try working in the industry and still retaining your sanity!

AktoMan said...

I hear you John. :)

I just try and teach and inspire people into using ICT, so at least I get a story out of it.