Sunday, 21 January 2007

The Thief of Time

Well, found some great photos from The Boy Hope's online gallery. These ones are from his 2005 expedition to the Lairig Ghru and surrounding peaks. The view from the top of the Bod is stunning - sounds like a bad chat-up line!

Back to get the marking done for tomorrow's class. Yes, I know what the time is, but I haven't had the chance so far today. Getting new system unit working, retrieving files from backup (then moaning to myself that I may have lost the originals of the WHW photos). Hey ho, c'est la vie.

One advantage is that I can now watch Totoro on my iPod. And the live version of the closing theme. I still think it's the cheeriest d@rned song I've ever heard! Well done Miyazaki-san.