Friday, 12 January 2007

Clearing the Cobwebs

Bag packed last night - almost as much as for the WHW. Extra clothes just in case. MWIS says that the wind will die down to 20/25mph for trekking on Saturday. Staying low, not going out of the glens, just up Glen Lui and back down Glen Dee in the Cairngorm National Park. Test out the new Scarpa ZG65s.

I seem to be the only one happy about the gusting winds just now - I want to see how the Akto copes. I'll find some shelter in Glen Lui and stop out overnight. If too bad, I'll see what's going on in Bob Scott's Bothy instead.

Fought off the urge to go out to the nearby gear shops in my lunchbreak. I must be coming down with something! Got some marking to do, then one more class, some paperwork and offski for an all-too infrequent trek in the wilds. Woo hoo.


Andy Howell said...

I find that the Akto copes amazingly well with high winds. It is very stable - one of the reasons I'll stick with it rather than going for a Laserlite.

I also use a Nallo a lot and have done for five or six years. This is indestructible but the Akto is far less noisy!

One interesting thing about the Akto is that it is almost more stable if you pitch it side on to the wind. One advantage of this arrangement is that you don't get a roaring draft through the vents which - of course - you should try and keep open at all times (easier said than done).