Saturday, 27 January 2007

Firefly Day

Being a sad git, me and a mate, Mike, had a "Firefly" day. We got through 10 hours of the series, finishing at "Ariel". That leaves 6 more episodes and the "Serenity" movie. At one point the dvd player had to be switched off to let it cool down. Honest.

Then we caught the end of "Star Trek: First Contact" on tv - no contest.

If you've ever played "Traveller", you'll love "Firefly". ST had "Row, row, row your boat", "Firefly" has this!


Started the day trying to getting the USB-to-Serial connector working, but Memory Maps does not pick up the Geko gps unit and times out. I've asked on OM if anyone's able to help.


Letter came today from Cancer Research UK.

West Highland Way 06

Thank you very much for raising donations ... giving us a total of £203.08 raised through your event...

The money will go a long way towards helping us cure cancer faster through world-class research. Our doctors and scientists are working to find new and effective treatments for cancer and to prevent more people from developing the disease.

To everyone who made donations, Cancer Research UK says "Thank you once again for your wonderful support".