Monday, 22 January 2007

YouTube Trail

Trail Magazine has a number of short videos on YouTube. They can be found here. It's like the magazine, but the pictures are moving, and speaking at me!!! The wonders of modern technology.

Watching a cute wee film starring Ian Holm on TV: "The Emperor's New Clothes".  Napoleon escapes from St Helena and ends up selling melons on the streets of Paris.

Speaking of Youtube, it's amazing what's on it. I found this, and it was taken in the early 90's when a mate of mine was working with the range team there. I'll need to go through looking for a hobbit-sized civvie.


Anonymous said...

gee whizz! How surreal! DId you ever see that yoursel?


AktoMan said...

I flew into Benbecula one time, and it was like something out of a war movie, with Hercs and APC driving around.

The other clip has more chatter on it, including squaddies going "oooeee"