Saturday, 6 January 2007

January Sales

Ah well, how quickly the break flew by. Didn't get a chance for walking on the island (weather, family duties, sleeping). Swinging by work today (email account locked out, so hope I still have a job to go back to).

Decided to get a pair of Munro-bagging boots for 07, a good excuse to trail around the gear shops in Aberdeen. See if any of the local OMers have left me anything. With my usual timing, TGO will probably have a review of lightweight boots in next month's issue ;-)

No boot preferences, just something as comfy as my Terrocs and lighter than my Akto. I'll keep saying to myself that today is a recon visit. Honest.

Ploughed through my 18 months of TGO and Trail, "Backpacker's Handbook" and OutdoorsMagic. Nothing definitive. Not keen on buying footwear over the Net as I can't try them on first. Also not happy about trying out things in shop and then going online to get a cheaper deal. If online shops want to set up a fitting service, no problem, but I don't like using 'real world' shops for that purpose. Yup, I'm a mug, but an honest one (blame my Teuchter upbringing for that).