Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Holiday weather

Mini tornado wreaks havoc on isle (BBC News).

The power was out last night after the lightening storm, and the older kids missed Stornoway’s mini-tornado by 15 minutes. They used words like “cool” when seeing the video clip.


AktoMan said...

I missed being hit by a car being blown by the wind in a Stornoway carpark today - make sure the handbrake is on if the area is being buffeted by high winds!!!!

Story Quine said...

Gee whiz! And did you see the Sun's coverage of it? 'Wrath of God Says Minister', only when you read the article, that totally ISN'T what Rev Tallach said. Tabloids! Tsk tsk!

AktoMan said...

Yes, that was a jokey comment here on Lewis for a few days before it made the 'news'.

I liked the couple down on Sand Street - the only locals I saw interviewed on the telly. With a timber post smashed through the rear window of their car, she says "och well, it could have been worse" (IIRC)

Story Quine said...

Just like your dad said about the mannie MacLennan whose house blew up - folk said it was because he opened his pub on a Sunday. Of course, your dad said it was the workmen who cut through a gas main, but why spoil a good story with facts!? ;->