Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Yahoo! Customer Care Team - missive 4

You are STILL refusing to allow me to post to Yahoo accounts. This has been going on since Friday and YOU refuse to take any action, saying it is nothing to do with YOU. Despite the FACT that the error message has YAHOO's name on it.

FFS, get a move on as my next action is to contact the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman here in the UK about this slander on my name.

Since this ineptitude seems to be systemic, I have already set up a Google Group account to take over from our club's Yahoo Group, so you'll lose their eyeballs on your adverts as well as when I close down my 11-year old Yahoo account to move it to the GoogleMail account that I set up yesterday.

And never assume that I am patient when I am being called a thief and a liar by a faceless corporation from it's ivory towers in America.


GeoffC said...

I've had this kind of problem for a couple of years now, and my experience is the same: Yahoo are a total waste of time. There are loads of Google results showing many others who are being stonewalled by this shower.
Yahoo also handle email for btinternet and btopenworld. If someone sends me an email from these, I have to send out two replies from two different domains to make sure they get at least one of them. Total sh1te.

AktoMan said...

I guess you're right, Geoff.

But unless everyone I know stops using Yahoo's email, I'm going to have this problem.

I see the head of Yahoo has just sold off their search wing, according to the BBC the new CEO "has no sentimental attachment to what was once the core of Yahoo, its search business." So, Yahoo become an advertising wing of Microsoft.

I wonder what will happen to the services, like email and YahooGroups then? I spent yesterday setting up Google mirrors of both of these, so it won't take long to shift companies.

Last one out, turn off the lights.

Anonymous said...
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AktoMan said...

Anonymous wrote (swear words edited out):

Never had a problem with Y myself except they changed the interface recently and its got really slow.

I do know though exactly what the problem is: I got my e bay account hacked and tried addressing it with them. Its like talking to a machine - you're treated like **** with cut and paste irrelevant nonsense, you repeat the issue which YOU KNOW IT IS again and again and again (in my case 15x), then give up disgusted.

This is clearly exactly the same - internet ********, like a machine rather than dealing with human beings and how we USE the internet.

**** 'em.
And come and get it Google, so more people know about this **** if anything ever goes wrong with internet code monkey services.

AktoMan said...

Aye, Anonymous. It's like these automated phone systems where the menu's don't have exactly what you want, so you end up having to go round the options again.

As I promised them, I've been writing a letter to the Ombudsman. In my head over breakfast just now, but I'll get it written and sent when I'm more awake. It isn't raining just now, so I've more important things to do.