Friday, 31 July 2009

Yahoo! Postmaster Customer Care Satisfaction Survey

Dear Yahoo! User,

Please tell us about your recent experience with Yahoo! Postmaster Customer Care in a brief online survey.

Thanks so much for taking the time to give us your feedback.

Have a great day,
Yahoo! Postmaster Customer Care


Well, a week later, and I am still blocked from sending to, and now – I only get automated responses from Yahoo. Pipex are replying and say that their engineers are following it up. In the meantime, I’m copy/pasting emails from my secondary account. So I was delighted to see this appear in the in-tray. Sadly it is filed under their “mail abuse” category. They block me, they don’t do anything about it, and now I’m filed under “mail abuse”. Anyway, I think it has stopped raining, so I’d better nip out and tidy up the croft of toys left after the last downpour.


Overall, how satisfied were you with your most recent email interaction with Yahoo! Postmaster Customer Care?

1-Very Dissatisfied

Was your issue resolved?


We're sorry your issue was not resolved. To help us do a better job next time, please select the reason below that best describes why your issue was not resolved.

none of the answers said that yahoo did not care enough to bother

My problem is a known issue to Yahoo! Postmaster that hasn't been fixed yet.

What did you like MOST about your Yahoo! Postmaster Customer Care experience?

Nothing. You failed completely, and I still cannot send emails to people at Yahoo or BTopenworld. Your responses were merely copy/pasted from the Yahoo response book.

What did you like LEAST about your Yahoo! Postmaster Customer Care experience?

The automatic way that you passed the buck onto my ISP with no interest in me as a customer. We've been chatting about it on

What improvements, if any, would you like Yahoo! Postmaster Customer Care to make?

Treat people like people. You care not a jot about this customer, so I laugh at you calling yourself "Customer Care". Ha ha.

Occasionally, we contact a few customers for additional info about their feedback. If needed, may we get in touch with you?



Dave Hollin said...

Do you really think they will listen to that info and then dare to call you?

I dare them. I double dare them!!!!

AktoMan said...

Of course they don't care. I doubt if any of these Internet services care one jot about their users. They care about masses of people leaving, not a single person that they are being prejudiced against.

The only people (who say) they are doing anything are my ISP, cos I pay them money, and can walk away.

8 days later, and I am no further on.

Life goes on, and it merely shows me how the Internet is no different from the real world. Make of it what we can, and sod the gits who stand in my way.

Dave Hollin said...

interestingly and slightly related, my wife has a mobile phone contract with Vodafone. We have had a few issues of mis-billing over the past year and its been like pulling teeth to get it resolved. This week, my wife gave notice of intention to close the contract in 4 weeks time. Guess what? We have been bombarded with calls from Vodafone asking if we want an upgrade, a better deal, a new phone.......


Gordy said...

Me too. Haven't had a correct bill since March.

****ers. :O)

bpo said...

Most of us facing same the problem like you all.Hope to get rid of this as soon as possible.

coonass said...

In Yahoo Answers, I've reported the very same spam message on five different Questions to Customer Care - what makes this significant was that it was political spam favoring the Democratic Party candidate for the open US Senate seat in Massachusetts - so by failing to enforce their own spam policy, Yahoo was taking the Democrats' side in this election. There are already many instances on record of blatant selective enforcement of Yahoo Answers rules by Yahoo Customer Care. Yahoo sucks.