Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Yahoo! Customer Care Team - missive 3

Hello Duncan,
Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.
I am sorry to hear about the issue you have experienced. We have checked our servers and our mail systems appear to be working at the moment. The issue may have been transient or network-related.
If the issue persists, the best solution is to have the mail system administrator or postmaster of the internet service provider or domain, with which you are experiencing the issue (pipex.com), contact us directly via the Yahoo! Mail Help page below in order to investigate the issue in further details.

You may contact the Postmaster of the domain related to the issue at the email address below:
You may replace "domain.com" with the extension of the domain in question.
Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated.

Yahoo! Customer Care


To which I replied…


ROTFLMAO at Hank's email.

It took me a few seconds to send an email to my Yahoo account to find that Yahoo was still blocking emails from this Pipex account. Below is the source of the test email that I sent.

The problem is not with Pipex, as mail from them to other servers gets through. The message about non-delivery originates from Yahoo's system, as it states that Yahoo is not accepting emails from my Pipex account.

Be enough of a man to admit that Yahoo is the one causing this failure in communication. This breach of my freedom to email friends and family. Don't tell me that the problem is with my email provider, as I can email to every other domain that I have needed to in the last 4 days apart from Yahoo.com and Yahoo.co.uk - both of which block my Pipex account as "554-'Message not allowed - UP Email not accepted for policy reasons."

The Delivery Status Notification states quite clearly that it is Yahoo's policy not to deliver to email that I sent from my Pipex account. Your policy. Not Pipex's policy, but Yahoo's policy.

Duncan MacLeod
also at … @yahoo.com since 1998, but set up his Googlemail account today because of this.


Alan Sloman said...

Instead of "ROTFLMAO" I think I would have put "BMDISBF"
(Biting my desk in sheer bloody frustration)

Just bin them and move on old friend!

AktoMan said...

I actually don't have a problem with my own Yahoo account, so moving to another account doesn't solve the problem. I've been using my Yahoo account to email someone on Yahoo, and I've been mailing people on their non-Yahoo accounts.

I've had 2 emails from Pipex since mailing them about this today, in more time than that, Yahoo have mailed to say it isn't them.

The Pipex account is fine, and is my main email address for personal comms. Just a shame that the faceless nerds aren't willing to do anything about their policy defaming my character.

Maybe there's a job for an Internet-based, Internet-savvy "no win, no fees" lawyer to defend the poor service and lack of interest from the megaCorps.