Saturday, 4 July 2009

Title Says It All

This came on my CD in the car as I headed out to get some essential supplies this morning. They are a great band, I was boogying along the seafront with the aircon on, heading for an early shop – which then included the new CD “The End”.

Supplies – oscillating fan (it was 20°c at 0900hrs) and an LG widescreen LCD monitor (yup, I finally disconnected my CRT unit).

When I got back, the Boxer rifles pack from Old Glory was waiting for me. I only ordered it when I was editing a video after midnight on Thursday night/Friday morning. Good going. I’ll get all my figures to the same stage of prep and then wait for a rainy day to get a wodge painted.

So much to do before I can disappear to the hills with a clear conscience.

If you haven’t figured it out – I survived another teaching year, and I’m looking forward to next year. Emotionally and physically, I’m having a big clearout at home and at work. “Hello, Trail? Yup, I’m cancelling my subscription”. Life is too short to get dragged down by other people. I can’t define my life by what I am not. I like problem-solving, I like helping people, I like learning things. I am a geek. No more, no less.


Alan Sloman said...

Nice to have you back posting again Duncan.

Enjoy your break - it sounds like you are ready for it!

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Alan. Just been a busy time at work, wrapping up marking, paperwork and prep for next year. The recent heat doesn't help - I don't think us Scots are built for hot weather. I didn't help when a Zim workmate was sitting opposite me with his coat on, going "brrr" ;-)

I'm hoping to get out to the 'Gorms for 4-5 days. But nothing firmed up yet. I've just 2-3 weeks of sleep to catch up on.

Cathy said...

Am loving all this fab weather we're having...Even the 21 degrees at 11.30pm on wed when i came out of cineworld LOL

AktoMan said...

Ugh - been up since 5.30am with the heat. The oscillating fan's been great. Been painting wargames figures as the paint dries really quickly. Base-coat almost done on 40 Chinese figures for the Boxer uprising.

Story Quine said...

I don't like the heat either! glad to you know you're still in the land of the living! Just watching that Visa ad with the giant aquaslide, could have been doing with that this week. I prescribe running to the hills for you, and I'll have to settle for the cooler nights and breathing space to work!

AktoMan said...

Been catching up on lost sleep. 8hrs solid the last couple of nights. No early morning marking sessions. Huzzah. Worked through tv recorder, and figure painting. All these lost weekends to make up for.