Monday, 27 July 2009

Yahoo! Customer Care Team - missive 2

This is beyond the pale. I mailed you on Sunday that I'd been blocked mailing to my pal,, since Friday and now this to an old schoolfriend about him becoming a grandfather.

I mailed the details back to you last night re case ....... And now nothing. Is this typical of Yahoo!'s service? You guys didn't notify our YahooGroup about the shutdown in service recently, and we had to find out the hard way.

I'm off to blog about this breach of service standards. You have 24 hours, to contact me about this slander on my name, and then I move our accounts elsewhere. I know that in this day and age, you won't be concerned about losing advertising, but what the heck, you seem to be happy at letting an automated system call me a bounder and a cad without any human emotion.


Alan Sloman said...

Wow, Duncan.

Do I detect some angst here? What happened fella?
Where is Missive No 1?

AktoMan said...

Angst? Nah. I'm fed up with the faceless, unelected anti-democratic computer boffins who hide behind 'systems' on the Net. I offer companies a 3-strikes rule, and then I blacklist them. So far Yahoo is on that list. This is their 2nd strike in 2009.

My first email in my account is dated 25-July-1998, and I had no problems for 10 years.

Missive 1 was the boring one telling them that they'd blocked me on Friday. Yup, they didn't even have the balls to tell me they had blocked me. Just up and did it.

The first strike out was the running down of services on Geocities before they gave notice of it being terminated. Combined with this was the lack of communication about the maintenance work on the YahooGroups.

Poor communications from a communications company is inexcusable. So I get concerned that they are soon to be a failed company. But I can't be bothered looking into the official statistics.

Alan Sloman said...

That explains it then!

Rob said...

Did the rest of you get the message from Google Checkout saying that they're stopping accepting Maestro (Switch) as of Monday (yesterday)? (for those of you who don't know - a payment method for buying stuff over the internet without having to put your debit card details in every time - Google's version of PayPal) Now I'm sure they have good reason for it, but from my perspective it is less hassle to use their service than to enter full card details but only just... So no major loss, just odd that they're effecively shutting down their show!
Big business - go figure!

AktoMan said...

Och aye, and when I had problems with Blogger the pro-Google 'starred' folk on the forum weren't happy when I said that no Google staffers had got back in touch.

In the current economic climate, good customer service is out the window ... hmm, but you'd think people would want to hold on to customers, as it is cheaper to do that than allow them to walk.

Guess I don't bring enough (or any) click-through business to them.