Sunday, 23 November 2008

Blackfly4 vs 1 pint of water

Would the MiniBullDesign Blackfly4 stove boil one pint of cold water before it used up its measly one fluid ounce (30ml) of meths fuel? All set up in the Honey Stove as a pot support.

That should be enough for a brew and 300ml left over to rehydrate a main meal. Well, that’s what the Reiter pouch recommends. Will it suffice inside a pot-cosy, I will find out next weekend, as I am not wasting food just to test a pot. It isn’t a field test as this is indoors instead of outdoors.

Of course, knowing it is probably not going to do this means that one can just have a brew first and then pour more meths into the stove (dowsing the flame first), to bring the required 300ml to a boil.