Saturday, 15 November 2008

Honey Stove – Retailer’s Video

The Honey Stove flexible cooking system. Video from Bob Cartwright at and

Excellent starting point for the FCS. I really can’t just call it as stove, as it is much more than that. A windshield, a support, a stove, a chimney.


Dawn said...

It is a fascinating concept and I am off to spend a night in the woods with one. Dawn

AktoMan said...

I'll have to wait until next weekend before I can use firewood in mine. Been working through my small number of stoves - as you'll see over the next few posts.

I really want to paint numbers on the side and use it as a random number generator. And then paint the mouth of the firecave in bright tribal colours...oops, must be time for another lemsip.

Londonbackpacker said...

I having trouble finding firewood in London :-) and the bits that I do have are so damp can't see it working.

I'm working with the meths stoves at the moment.

AktoMan said...

Aren't you yet at the stage of burning pound notes? Firewood has more value.

Londonbackpacker said...

Pound notes; that takes me back. :-)

AktoMan said...

LOL - of course, you got rid of them for coins. Whereas us canny Scots still have a few in circulation.

I might get down to the beach later this weekend and find some driftwood to whittle.