Saturday, 15 November 2008

Honey Stove with Blackfly3

Using the Honey Stove from with Mini Bull Design’s Blackfly3 meths stove, and the Alpkit Mytimug titanium mug.

In summary. Maybe if I lift the stove up towards the base of the mug, then it will heat up quicker? Also, if I can use the “middle grill”, then heat will pass through the empty central space directly to the underside of the pan. Some heat must be getting lost from the pan by sitting on these ‘spokes’ of the “top grill”.

Only three grills, and yet lots of possibilities.


Martin Rye said...

Honey stove again. Is there any hope for us. They seem to be on every blog......Ahhhhhhhh.

AktoMan said...

Like I said on George's blog, I did think of waiting until I had a mass of information and media (like I did with the Aquagear).

But I quickly had some clips of it being used in the kitchen. It is fun to play with. I hope to get down to the shore tomorrow and see what driftwood I can scavenge before I have to get some real work done.

I'm trying not to read other people's postings so I keep my ideas fresh for the exploratory stage.

If it wasn't this, I'd only talk about Mike being ill, Mark having trouble with the media, me clearing space on my tv recorder and needing to get more lemsips as I still feel groggy. Oh, and being sarcy to a cold-caller who started to describe the excellent kitchen designers that they had in my area, which got met with a shriek of "well, good for you", as I slammed the phone down.

But fire calms me down. I can watch the shapes dance across the cave mouth, and sometimes they whisper "free us ... free us", and I reach out towards the stove ... drawn ... drawn ... drawn ...

Yeah, right!

Martin Rye said...

Drift wood burning on a beach does sound good. Bob has started a craze with his stove.

AktoMan said...

Just for you, Martin.

No stoves here

Odinius said...

It's a good stove but no more light.

AktoMan said...

Agreed, Odinius. I have a small windshield and both Primus Micron and MiniBull Blackfly3 have pot supports. But neither doubles as a wood-burning stove. I hope to try that out tomorrow.

If it works, for the extra weight, I now have a stove that can use deadwood. Eking out the gas or meths carried.

Of course, one could weigh the 351grammes of the Honey versus the same amount in extra fuel.

334grammes for 230g of gas.
271grammes for 250ml of meths.

That's a safe 5 days of cooking for me, I reckon. When I do another long distance trek, would I drop out 5 days of fuel in exchange for a pouch of stainless steel? I honestly don't think I have that sort of confidence. I would, however, take it with me for a weekend away if I knew I could gather some sticks - something that is not always guaranteed in Scotland.

Odinius said...

I used caldera Alcohol Stove with cone or P3RS stove with a small windshied.
The Caldera cone can burn wood, I used it when alcohol missed.
I used pocket rocket in gaz canister.
More info P3RS:

AktoMan said...

Good video and clear instructions.

I hadn't thought of the Honey as a Caldera replacement, I think because the Caldera is in its own category. It is also a system that I haven't used, or seen used in the 'flesh'.

No doubt someone on the test board will run a comparison. Especially after reading your comments.