Monday, 3 November 2008

Triple S – Aye? Nae

It has been a funny old day.

The US presidential race ends at Manassas, where the British journalist noted that there was an American Civil War battle – actually, there was two battles fought on the site, which is sometimes referred to as Bull Run. Both pre-dated the emancipation proclamation made after Antietam/Sharpsburg later in 1862.

Speaking of American conflicts, Donald Trump got handed the keys to a nearby site of special scientific interest so that he can build homes and a golf course. There seems to be a very slight chance (i.e. one politician interviewed) that he will not destroy the dunes and the wildlife. BBC news link. Photos.

No doubt a certain zoo … oops, heelan’ safari … is planning to unleash the hounds sooner.

Mick and Gayle posted a video clip of the bad weather at The Kingshouse, and Glen Nevis campsite.

I collected my goodie box from the local corner shop – good for Parcel Force to save me a cross-town journey (especially as the car battery is dead).


That book “Fixing your feet” by John Vonhof is massive! Sections on feet, footwear (hmm, why is it not feetwear?), prevention and treatment. Two wee tubs of BodyGlide, and a pair of possum fur gloves. I tried the gloves on and they were toasty. But I was in the house at the time, as I didn’t want to get them manky as I worked on the car.

And there was an email at work, asking if anyone wanted to visit the local landfill site. Like I said, it has been a funny old day.


chasrle said...

Mmmm - porage! You're not on some affiliate scheme are you?

AktoMan said...

LOL - well spotted, Chas.

I placed it there on purpose after earlier comments. Definitely ending up as a running gag ;-)

AktoMan said...

Trump town riots at Grough