Sunday, 30 November 2008

NCIS Cairngorms

Some geartalk in this video from yesterday morning.

And one of the chaps at work wondered about camera fittings, so here is how I secure my Berghaus hardcase to my Osprey Atmos hip-belt. Means the camera can be taken out quickly.


As the Atmos has a split-belt, I can hook in a d-karabiner, and clip it to the loops of the camera case. when I unclip the belt-buckle, the case (and camera) don’t come flying off.


*Ask Darren about the NCIS reference.


PhilW said...

Hmm... See what you mean about that hat. Never come across that one before.

AktoMan said...

It is mightily warm, shame about the look. Strange, but I feel that headgear needs to look right as well as do its job.

baz carter said...

It looks like it's on back to front...