Saturday, 8 November 2008

Breakfast with SnowPeak 900

Question was:

Just wondered if the SnowPeak 900 set was any good - interested in fact it has small frying pan, and lightweight - does pan burn and could you use pan as mug.

My answer is:

Although there was some sticking of the potato scone to the frying pan (lid), the lid cleaned up fine for me afterwards.

As to using the pan as a drinking mug – yes, but it isn’t as good as drinking from a separate mug (eg a plastic one).

Although I have used the SnowPeak 900 as my cookset of choice for a couple of years now, this is the first time I used it in this way. I never have anything along to fry, and I always carry a separate mug. As with any hollow solid object in my pack, things can get packed inside.


Dawn said...

Aha, bacon butties. Just one word of caution. When I carry oil it is a nalgene bottle. However, it can still seep through a tiny bit. tightly wrapping it in a poly bag is essential.

AktoMan said...

Good advice. A wee ziplock back would be handy - I have some from wargames suppliers, and from SHC order earlier in year.

Martin Rye said...

Odd to think I have had a 900 for years and never used the frying pan. I got the eta power stove and on Dartmoor me and Alan chatted while I cooked pancakes using the frying pan lid. They are so handy.

Big Kev said...

You do know I'm going to have to try this now, don't you?

AktoMan said...

Don't do it, Kev - just look at my waistline in the clip!!

mike knipe said...

As a bit of a fan of the bacon and tattie scone break whilst abckpacking (usually at about 11:00 am, with coffee...), I discovered that you don;t actually need to use any oil at all. Modern supermarket bacon is quite fatty amd also contains a fair amount of water, which all comes out when you heat it up.
The tattie scone soaks everything up.
Alternatively, cooking a sausage in the pan produces vast amounts of fat... this can be eaten with a fork as an appetizer whilst waiting for the main snack.
The pan is cleaned by putting a bit of water in, warming it up and attacking it violently with a pan scubber/sponge.
One word of advice, though - eating bacon and tattie scone without any brown sauce at all is just wrong. Whats the matter with you, man? Are you Scottish or something?

AktoMan said...

I usually nuke my fryups in the m/w at home, and the amount of fat that runs out into the lower section of the dish is amazing. When I'm using a pan, I think I have the heat too high so things stick to the pan.

Heating pan for cleaning - that's good advice. I've the mountain suds for cleaning - from the days when I did more than boil water in the cookset.

Brown sauce? Noooooooo.... I scowled so much that the woman who works at the breakfast bar at work no long bothers to ask. Not that I frequent there except on special occasions.

Anonymous said...

You could try those bacon medalions that super markets sell. They fit in this type of pan better.