Sunday, 30 November 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I was following up Darren’s re-broadcasting of Tinny’s videos of the products from MiniBullDesign when I noticed something.


Is it me, but it seems to be an old backward-looking attitude that just because a man is watching another man baking a cake, that the said viewer would be interested in such relationships?


I thought these assumptions died away with Mr Inman from “Are You Being Served”.

Okay, let’s end the weekend on a high note, and kick Google into touch with a real view of the manly outdoor life.


Chris Cowell said...

Ahhh. The sheer power of digital marketing!

Dawn said...

Browsing through a couple of Tinny's video clips, it intrigued me the guns hanging up in the background. Rifles and shotgun. Now there is a thought, venison cooked on one of Tinny's stoves!!!!!????????

Dawn said...

Lol Duncan, so you have finally come out???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

AktoMan said...

It must be the checked shirts in my spare room ;-)