Saturday, 20 December 2008

By van's early light

By van's early light, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

I have to leave my roost to wait in the car. I was woken more times last night than when i was sleeping in the car the night before. But the car was a dead thing, immobilised, while the boat is alive - ready to spring into action once the ropes release her.

In my cold, dead car, key in ignition waiting for the signal to give it the re-animator's spark. Every carpet-bagging person leaving a car to walk on and reserve a place. I have no such luxury. For my 24 hour wait, i expect to return to find a cuckoo in the nest. Some chirpy bint who has kindly moved my sleeping bag and pillows out of her way so she and her brood can wait for man-the-driver to drag his knuckles from the car deck.

I'm not a morning person.