Tuesday, 23 December 2008

General Pole Hospital

General Pole Hospital, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

I'll state for the record that i love my pacerpoles. But it just seems to be me who has a problem with them jamming. No-one else has to return them once a year for a refit. No-one else has to call upon their good will. So i tried using my dad's vice (no, not his weekly cigarella) padded out. No joy. So i'll need to contact the folk again. Silly thing is that they were fine when i last used them, i didn't use them when i last overnighted in the cairngorms, leaving them strapped to the pack. And now they are both jammed. At different sections. Trust is a dilema for me. They are the only poles that i have used since getting them.


Gayle said...

Both Mick & I have had ours jam (actually, in my case it may just be that I'm a weakling of a bird, but Mick's have certainly been stuck well beyond hand-tight).

Baby Boa did it for us. But, I suspect that if a vice hasn't sorted yours then they are uncommonly jammed.

When they jammed on The Long Walk (when, funnily enough, we didn't have a Baby Boa stashed in the pack) we just left them extended and invariable after a few days further use they freed up.

AktoMan said...

"Baby Boa" - I had to look that one up. Hmm. I might give it a go if I can get one in town (i.e. Stornoway). Trouble with a vice is that it needs padding (as shown), which restricts the grip. Any tighter and it'll damage the pole, and looser and it'll fail. Hmm.

I can't help but wonder if I could port the mechanism across from Leki pole. Hey ho. I'll see if there's anything around in the garage later.