Monday, 29 December 2008

FMAO Stornoway

FMAO Stornoway, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

About 4'c outside, so alpkit filo and mountain hardwear gloves in evidence. As is the big polis landcruiser that pulls up parallel to the aktomobile. I ignore them. I have no stolen trees on view. The special branch drive off. Later i see same vehicle across harbour with its blue lights going. Poor sods. A difficult job.


North Beach

North Beach, Stornoway. Photographed from the Castle Grounds. For those unfamiliar with the place, this is the beach to the north of the town, and from the grounds of the castle. (maplink) f/4.5, 1.3", 27mm

South Beach

South Beach, including the Town Hall. With the eternal stream of car headlamps creating the white-snake spectral glow through the town. The stillness of the night cut by the harping of car horns and revving of engines. A car pulls up sharpish behind me and a gaggle of girls giggle, unseen by me, and the young lad driving drives off around town once, twice, more. (maplink) f/16, 15", 18mm

From Goat Island

Stornoway's South Beach and ferry terminal as seen from Goat Island. (maplink) f/16, 10", 27mm

Lews Castle

From the same location, but using the 55-200mm lens. Lews Castle, imposing itself over Stornoway, even across two stretches of water. f/5.6, 6", 200mm


WD said...

So this is "Gotham", did they capture the Joker last night then?

AktoMan said...

Background - apparently a tree had been felled by some n'er-do-wells in the Grounds. Hardly a crime rate requiring the assistance of Bat's. I looked in the Stornoway Gazette and Police records but couldn't find the report.