Friday, 19 December 2008

No bridge over troubled waters

No bridge over troubled waters, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

So. Hrmph. I get to ullapool behind a gritter. 4th car in the queue. Some more shut-eye thanks to the vango travel pillow that lives in my car.
Bzz goes phone. "there will be no sailings from ullapool today. Call xxx.yyy after 8am for options". There are no real options. It's the weather. I'm on holiday. Woohoo. I'm resisting the urge to set up the honey stove on the shingle beach just to see if i can scrape enough driftwood together.
Ullapool, gateway to tir-nan-og. It has a tv-chef recommended chippy, a better bookshop than any i've seen in aberdeen and a very good gearshop. Due to attrition, i'm now 2nd in the queue. Maybe it was the sight of me deciding what socks to put on. I'm trying the bridgedale coolmax liner socks - which turned out to be 2 pairs. Woohoo again. I'm just so easy to please. Life is what we make of it.


Dawn said...

lol Duncan, I recognise that photo. There is a bunkhouse in Ullapool. Hope you get the ferry soon.