Sunday, 21 December 2008

IR in need of wellies


I blame Leo Laporte.

Yesterday afternoon, I was standing in a squelchy part of the croft, waiting for the heavy tripod to sink into the marsh. My inheritance does remind me of a scene from "The Holy Grail"

So. I set up the camera, switch off the autofocus and carefully screw on the Hoya R72 infra-red filter. I'm not sure what to do with it afterwards, and merely remove the colour and do a bit of level balancing.

What's this got to do with a chap half-way round the world? Well, I caught a podcast where he talked about photography. Then I followed up the photographers that were out in Australia with him. I was amazed by some of the Infra-Red images that were in amongst the others.

Every now and again, I would do some more research into the subject. Eventually tracking down an affordable filter. But I never quite got round to finding out what the software processes were.

I'll have another look tomorrow. Unless the weather's nice, in which case I'll be outside. Doing things.


Martin Rye said...

That is a very good photo Duncan. What camera and what settings?

Dawn said...

wow, fantastic photo Duncan, impressive.

AktoMan said...

Canon EOS 350d. f/22. 5 seconds exposure. ISO 100. Manual focus. I'm not sure what the glowing object in the sky is, though.

Thanks for the compliments, but it needs to be better. I might as well have just used the polarising filter on ND filter and then changed image to greyscale. Hmm.

m1cdq said...

ive been trying the same .Ive been practiceing in the garden taking pics of the plants then a little post editing in photoshop cs.

I set up the shot with out filter in manual focus and manual set the apature and use the bulb setting for shutter speed.I will takes shots of 5,10,15,20 seconds

couple of links to read

this one the info is near the bottom of page

and some more info

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Roger. Yesterday afternoon, I was following up info at:

100% overcast and drizzle/light Scottish rain just now. I'll get some time to do some more reading this afternoon when I'm no longer needed as a taxi for relatives. A small price to pay for bread and board. And it gets me out of the house.