Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Honey Stove Design - Answer

Fair question Duncan and you are not the first to ask it.

I had started on the design some 12 months ago long before I saw the Makaira video. At that stage I had a hexagon shape linked by lugs exactly as they had - pure coincidence. The holes in mine were still being calculated at the time to allow the correct airflow through the pot, so I saw their design as inferior and allowing far too much air flow to be much use, which it still is by the looks of it.

Mine also had versatility with the moving grill arrangement already in place, so the multi use of mine is far superior to their set up. Plus use of different materials and slicker design, different measurements and application.

Ultimately, at first glance I can be accused of copying the design, based purely on the side lugs and a hexagonal shape alone, and that's it! After that there's nothing similar about the two stoves, so I very much doubt I will be getting any calls from the legal people ;-))

Put it this way, if I had designed the stove as a circle, or a square, what other stoves would it be compared to? There are loads around the world if you look hard enough, and I have been looking very hard for the last year to see what home made designs people have tried.

I hope that answers your question. Not offended by you asking it, as far as I'm concerned 20% coincidence and 80% brilliance!




Martin Rye said...

Well said Bob. As you might have noticed I said I was joking and the abuse you have had over at BPL over the Bush Buddy and the Honey (very nice stove by the way)is disgusting. You have a good idea there fella. Keep it up, and I hope you sell out.

AktoMan said...

Once said, Martin, I went looking, as I had missed Roman's original comment when reading his blog. Then I thought ... well, you can see why I contacted Bob.

Best to get these things out in the open.

Martin Rye said...

Too true and helps him as he has been getting a bad press on BPL. Sad they have let it happen and it allowes Bob the place to put it straight. I was having a bannter with you over the 99th post on the Honey and did not think a joking comment would led to this.

AktoMan said...

Martin, if you and roman hadn't said something, someone else would have. Once the design is flatpack, there's a limit to the ways to lock the plates together.