Thursday, 27 December 2007

FMAO Callanish


Sunset at Callanish. Maplink.

So, the rain stopped, my migraine lifted after looking at the bright sky for the first time in days, and I headed to Callanish (insert your own Gaelic spelling, cove). There were a few folk there, and what surprised me was that few were taking pictures of the sun on the stones. But, maybe they were.


I think I'm just being a snob, but why don't people wait for about 15 minutes-30 minutes for the light to change?


Especially if it has taken them a while to get there? But that's just me I'm in my warm hiking gear (hmm, can't wait to get the down jacket from Alpkit in the New Year - toasty), and I'm taking snaps of this and that.


Above:  Original JPG version of shot. Below: Same shot, where the original RAW version has been edited using my Christmas present of Scott Kelby's "7 Point System". Cropped to remove half a stone, and some foreground for a panorama shot.


And there was no-one else taking photos of the sunset. Ach well, there'll be another sunset tomorrow. And it's not my concern.


Previous visit: July 2007


George said...

Really liking the second picture, the fiery red looks much better than the orange glow.

Most people just want a quick snapshot of where they have been and are not really intersted in sitting around waiting to take a picture.

What's better 100 pictures in a day or 2?

AktoMan said...

Good guess - I took 93 shots (double if you include the fact that they are in RAW and JPEG).

RawShooter isn't the same as the Adobe Raw software, but is free anyway.

Phreerunner said...

Great pictures! And how many would you have taken if you'd had your new jacket?!
No-one else taking photos? Amazing. Need to take our chances while we can at this time of year. I wish Castlerigg had been lit like that when we passed nearby on Thursday, but we seemed to have hit a day-long Lake District cloud.

AktoMan said...

There were a few folk taking photos of the stones. And their people amongst the stones, and then going away. No-one seemed to be positioning the stones and the light to dramatic effect - something the stones were possibly set up for in the first place.

"Come on lad, we're watching the interplay of the sun on that big stone that looks like your cousin, Seumus".
"But, Athair, we always watch that one! Why can't we watch the stones that I want to watch?"

Michael G Clark said...

Great shots mr d. I'll have to have a proper look at the raws when you're back in town.

AktoMan said...

In other feel that they need more of a tweak here and there.