Monday, 24 December 2007

TOS Podzine 24.12.07

Bob's Christmas Eve podcast is up in iTunes now (and will be on The Outdoors Station shortly). He's being all festive, walking out with Andy Howell and visiting the pub of the year with the ladies, Rose and Kate.

Review of year. Global warming. Consolidating gear in 2007, nothing outstanding (year of the tarp for Andy). No TGOC podcast from Bob and Andy in 2008, as they didn't get accepted for the Challenge. Ireland. Cycle camping (Sustrans network). Sea kayaks with Simon Willis. The value of visitors to local communities, especially trails (England/Wales, Scotland).

Off to the Nags Head in Malvern with the ladies. No smoke, nice smells. The social side of the Challenge. Christmas and New Year wishes to listeners.

But...the weekly podzine is on hold for a couple of months. Longer programmes will be released at irregular intervals.


My Notes: Perhaps VisitScotland could get off their backside and see that these shows promote visitors to Scotland. Like Donald Trump, they're planning to go elsewhere.

Only 50 people entered the competition. Well done to the winner. But does the number of entrants reflect listeners interest? Probably not.

For the record, both of the prizes that I won have been given away - and not even as cheap Christmas presents! The cap to Darren, and the Colin Prior calendar as a house-warming gift to my brother in Blair Atholl.

It would be a shame if that was the last one, but it takes a lot of his time, and that's time away from his shop. I suppose that is a problem with these sorts of ventures - they have to be funded somehow. It's the old three-legged stool of time, quality and money.

Best wishes to one and all involved, I listened to all the podzines, and enjoyed them all.


WD said...

And so ends season 1 of the podzine.
Yes a shame that so few entered the comps.

Plus I don't look like Cameron in the cap ;)

Have a good Christmas with the folks.

Big Kev said...

If Santa brings me a USB cable for my iPod, I'll be listening to the podzines again over the holidays.

I never entered the comp's as I've got too much stuff as it is.

Here, maybe "I" should run a monthly giveaway. That'd get the stats up :o)

Have a good Christmas, Chieftan and your thoosand's of readers too.

AktoMan said...

Darren - so who do you look like then? Some kid from Fame perhaps? When the phrase "do you want to live forever" is heard, do you think of Highlander, or dancing down the high street in legwarmers?

This or this?

AktoMan said...

I couldn't miss the song from the movie, as I never got into the tv show. Or the later movies.

AktoMan said...

Kev - the fewer people who enter comps, the more chance I have of winning.

As to the amount of stuff ... guilty too. I'll need to get round to eBaying it. Sod giving it away as prizes.

I didn't bother with Battlestar Gal', but looks like I've missed a good un. I'll see if I can pick up a copy in the sales.

As to the iPod, I've found that the external plug-in unit works ok. Apart from a couple of design flaws, which stops me recommending it to others, it was a good buy.

Big Kev said...

Blockbuster and the like should have BSG if you don't fancy buying them but if not, gimme a shout and I'll fire you up a loan.

The Boy has a do-it-all USB widget but he's forever leaving it at his mum's. I wouldnae mind but it was him that lost my lead in the first place :o(

John Hee said...

I'm sure Bob's got a few more ideas up his sleeve yet, but as ever he has to remain commercially minded. If its not paying, then as a labour of love surely it must take even more time than our blog posts.

Pity - I was enjoying them all, but thought perhaps a 15-20 min show might have more of an impact as a weekly audio mag.
Hats off to Bob as always though.

Andy Howell said...

Don't fret, and as they say ...

.. stay tuned!