Thursday, 6 December 2007

Sex, Lies and BlogPosts

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Sex in the Noughties: The Sex Blog Girls

Tuesday 11 December
10:00pm - 11:05pm
Channel 4

Documentary charting the rise and fall of an online phenomenon. In 2004 there were 20 million blogs on the internet with a new one started every seven seconds. But the blogs that consistently attracted massive readerships were the anonymous, confessional sex diaries written by women: blogs such as Belle De Jour, Bitchy Jones and The Girl with a One-Track Mind.

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AktoMan said...

Porn disguised as ... well, porn. It did not teach me anything good about humanity, it did not inspire me to think of my fellow humans in new ways, and it did not entertain me. At least my licence-fee money was not spent making it. Though I saw the BBC were pimping their (historical) prostitute series too.

And they wonder why some people switch off their televisions.

Good night, and good luck.

AktoMan said...

SQ - because you linked to a site about prossies, some div then added in a link to a sex site. I've deleted out both comments, and switched off the "anonymous" posting facility. Here's an edited repost of your comment below.

AktoMan said...

SQ commented:
confessional about naughty NEIGHBOURS - v popular local website.

I taped the TV series of Belle de Jour - I read her blog recently, and I wonder, I think it is real, because she's been on blogger for years - almost as long as the myneebors are hoors!!

Doubt Billie Piper has done herself much favours doing the series. Hubby Laurence Fox canna be impressed, surely? (and yes, he is the NEPHEW of Edward Fox, my favourite actor)

Story Quine said...

soz - didn't realise that the hoors site was the issue. I shall let the owner of the site know what is happening so she can take appropriate action.