Monday, 24 December 2007

Sun, Land, Water

Yup, I just love the interplay of Nature and if I can catch it with my camera, then I can share it. Maybe not great, but, sod it, at least I'm there. I'm getting over my kit envy, as I notice more people with flashy dSLRs...and then I see that many are using them as flashy, expensive point-and-click cameras. I've my phone camera and my old Sony camera for that. I want more from the dSLR, a decent ROI, if you will. Buying the Akto allowed me to go out longer and further, so I did. Buying the Canon entices me to obtain better, more thoughtful photographs, so I hope to live up to its expectations.


RAW shot adjusted in RAWshooter. Decided against cropping out foreshore. f/4. ISO 100. 55mm. Polarising filter, tripod, softshell.


And this boat just seemed to have a festive name. Reminded me of a reindeer washed up on the shore.