Saturday, 22 December 2007

Visit Scotland


Visit Scotland before it's covered in turbines and pylons all feeding the urban wild places. But businesses will need laws that enshrine the protection of the places that tourists come to see. Without considering the loss of revenue to regions, the true costs of the industrial vandalism is being ignored. Thankfully we have a government in Scotland with an environment minister who sounded keen on protecting the outdoors. Considerate planning is needed, not bullying and underhand dealings. No? In which case, i'm planning an expedition to set up a trading post in Central America, anyone care to invest? ;-)





Anonymous said...

I hear thye sound of that point being missed by a large part of your audience. :o)

Simon said...

Can I also say that I don't like the change to how one comments; where I either have to be anonymous or faff around with registrations and giving my details to a third party. How do I start a petition to bring the old method back? Simon

AktoMan said...

Err...I had already gone back to the "anyone" settings for comments, Simon.

If you wish me to be more exclusive...which I had to be after I started getting comments by pornpimps...but hopefully that has sorted itself out after a naive person's comments (which linked to certain sites) was deleted.

So, what seems to be the nature of your BloggerLogin emergency?

Simon said...

Not an emergency, and sorted after some experimenting. The box requesting an "url" seems to be optional. If I ignore it I can post comments under my name without registering anywhere. As, embarrassingly is the case above in my comment complaining about this! Oops. Ah well; in my defense can I say that it is not obvious that this was the case. Well, not to me. At this point I shall take Denis Healey's advice.

AktoMan said...

Blogger seems to have been changing some of the options, Simon. In my defence, I rarely look at them as I'm usually logged in, and I then get a different view of the comment form.