Sunday, 9 December 2007

Who Made Your Akto?

"If ever I got the time", I wrote, "I'd compile a database of who's Hilleberg Akto's were made by whom".

In lieu of that, feel free to add a comment below. Don't leave private info or emails, as the yogurt-sucking-mutants who drag the Net down to their sad level will add your details to some 50c-an-ID-theft database. Yup, you life is only worth a few cents.

My Akto was made by Sirje Hansen in Estonia. Huzzah for Sirje.

Sirje Hansen


Anonymous said...

Hi, Aktoman,

Mine was made by Aime Kallas (bought in June 2004, the tent, not Aime...).

I've knocked off quite a few Munros with it and on the whole I've been really happy with it.

I'm going to buy a Laser Competition too, for those trips where I want to keep weight as low as possible.

I like your blog, btw. Like you, I hate wind farms and am trying to go through all the Munros before they've plastered Scotland with those monstrosities.

After I've done all the Munros (half way, at the moment...), I can then pick and choose my routes so as to avoid having to look at the damned things.

But it's getting nigh impossible to go anywhere without seeing them somewhere...

Love your pictures too, it's quite interesting to see how you get to know your Canon. May be inspired to buy one myself.

Have fun on the hills!


AktoMan said...

Thanks for the kind words, Foxie.

Windfarms - I hadn't considered Munro bagging before the money-grabbing companies decimate the environment they pretend to protect, driving 'super'-pylons through them cos it is the cheapest way. If baggers keep on going to areas after they've been industrialised, they'll be boosting tourism where tourists may decide to go elsewhere.

This may be good (brings money in) or bad (politicians/energycapitalists will say that we told you that tourists would still come).

I'm sticking with my comments from last year, that some form of planning table needs to be involved - there's just too much at stake to allow the self-centred politicians to be involved. They only do what is best, but we all have different views on what is best.

Sing the song

As to the dSLR, well, it has so many options, if I take lots of photos, I'm bound to get one or two decent shots out of 90.

*g having fun with it. Like the Akto, the more I use it, the more I can justify the capital outlay.