Sunday, 30 December 2007

FMAO Point

With the good-living parents at the kirk, me and my nephew headed down to Point to get some snaps. Half of the panorama shots are his...though all of the splicing is mine (he cunningly had other things to be doing instead of the hard computer graft).

Sutherland Hills

Click on the above picture to get a full-size panorama of the Sutherland hills. The shots were taken near the old Tiumpan Head light house (map link). Assistance on splicing photographs from

Sutherland hill

One of the hills can be seen in detail after I changed to the 200mm lens. As to its name, not until I get a chance to check my maps and books.


We shifted back to the Braigh for the last shot, before heading home to a cooked breakfast. Maplink - exposure includes the Shiants, and Lochs headlands to the right.


that woman said...

Hi Duncan, lovely photos. Am back from my latest wee walk. Details over on my blog pages. Was reading your comments in regards to stoves. For use gas is fine. When the cold weather comes back I have another Scottish trip in mind. For that I will be using liquid fuel. One of the lesser known MSR's. Dawn