Monday, 10 December 2007

Outdoor Bloggers' Christmas Pantomime

A "Blog Your Own Adventure" starts tonight across at LondonBackPacker's blog. We hope you enjoy it.



AktoMan said...

And so the sniping starts. Yawn.

Phreerunner said...

Hey, what would you expect from someone called 'tarpman'. He's probably still upset by all those midges and ticks. I think you should be encouraged by the other more positive comments. Some people will always be negative - shouldn't stop the rest enjoying ourselves though!

AktoMan said...

Now, now. There'll be no tarpist comments here. Some of my best...err, some of the people I know are tarpers.

As a communication medium, the Net is prone to extremes. The majority tends to stay silent. You see that when stats are viewed against the negative few. But I'm still resisting increasing my BP. It isn't important enough to me to see what and why some people don't like something I was involved in. That would damage my ego, or is it id?

Phreerunner said...

Yes but THOSE tarpers are intelligently (sic) named after things like Battle Dates or Famous Climbing Routes (or even both!). I suppose you and I are actually in the same little clique as 'tarpman' in that respect, though we are far more sophisticated in that our tents have proper names - I'm sure we would prefer not to be known as 'tentman'...(men?).
At least this gave you a chance to recall your BB trip, but (showing incredible naivity) what is BP?

BTW - don't think it's id.

AktoMan said...

1066? Dates of battles, surely, rather than a battle. ;-)

BP = blood pressure. Something I need to watch.

BTW, ta. I'm too lazy to look up the terms. Maybe I should go and surf the superhighway looking into these terms - but that really would be an ego trip!

Boom tish.

Phreerunner said...

Aaargh...Battle Dates? = Dates of battles?
Last comment here, I'm switching channel to look for some more jokes from the OS, as narrated by the splendid Mr Sloman.
BTW a number of my friends enjoyed the panto today, it turns out to be good lunchtime stress relief and an antidote to HBP!