Monday, 31 December 2007



So, me and the nephew jumped in the car, and raced the afternoon sunlight to the top of the island. For some reason, the  main road heads to Port of Ness, rather than the top bit, the Butt of Lewis. I had missed it in the past, so was not being caught out this time. Maybe it is tactical, considering the history between the Morrisons of Ness and the MacLeods of Lewis. maplink


The sunlight was causing a problem, as the cliffs were in shadow, but it did give the opportunity to catch some sharp light on the rocks.


And maybe the most lonely-looking pigeon on the island?


We shifted positions further north of the lighthouse, but the best exposure was this one of the Moon-scape, where the sea has eroded the land away. A discussion with the lad lead to a drive south to Eoropaidh. Maplink


I should have put money on the sun not setting in the sea - I would have won.


As we arrived, a chap who was leaving noted that it was like a picture-postcard. I bit back a reply "so...why aren't you staying for the sunset?". More photons for me.





The only tech stuff was a change in lens from 18-55mm to 55-200mm for some of the shots. No filters used, though I did do some post-production work on the images to enhance the colour levels. Originals available upon request.


Anonymous said...

hi what camera do you use as iam loking to change to a dslr in the new future.partly inspired by your photo sets.happy new year to you

AktoMan said...

Hi Mike. Mine's a reconditioned Canon EOS 350D from eBay. A starter camera so that I can experiment and learn the skills. Every light condition and subject seems to need a different set of numbers punched in - ISO, aperture, where it's being focused (or should I switch to manual), if on manual mode then how long is the shutter staying open for.

And then here's the editing. All so I can look at a photo and say "that's what my eye saw at that moment in time".

I still use the point-and-click for everyday snaps - in fact, it is mainly the phone-camera I use for that, as I have it with me most of the time.

But I find that I love reading photography books. Especially ones of the outdoors - Bryan Peterson is great, and Ansel Adams is on my shopping list next. And of course there's Lord of the Crickles, Chris Townsend and Bearded Git.

A happy 2008 to you and yours, sir.

Michael G Clark said...

Really smart sunrise shots. I'm racking up all the ones I want copies of, you know.