Wednesday, 28 November 2007

No Prior Warning

Upon returning to the AktoCave, I was surprised to see a parcel from R&R Enterprises. I didn't recall ordering anything from, but maybe I'd forgotten. Maybe it was a present. Maybe Darren felt guilty and bought me something - but Alpkit sell through their own site. Opening the packet, it turns out I'd won a Colin Prior "The Wild Places" calendar (yup, 2008) from The Outdoors Station. Huzzah. I hadn't had a chance to listen to this week's podzine yet, so missed the draw.

I've copied the player here in case you too had missed it. I think I heard Metric's name in the draw too.

The Podzine 26/11/07

Download MP3 File

Hmm - a bit negative start to the podcast news. Having ID when travelling between one part of UK and other part of UK on ferries as well as aircraft - all done via statutory instrument (SI) rather than debated laws. Starting with Northern Ireland, no doubt expanded thereafter. Then on to phone messages being sent from stores directly to your mobile phone (hmm - Data Protection implications? do they have an opt out/opt in clause?). I'll need to find more information on these.

On a more positive note, an interview with Expedition Foods. Yeaaa.

(More geese heard flying over AktoManor)

Bob lives dangerously with his language translation (from female to male).

The 2008 range of AKU boots are then discussed.


Oh, and Trail magazine came in post, with some artistic photos of Christmas wishlist gear. Love the effect of light on Cerro Chaltén.


Simon said...

Linked to Expedition Foods, but some woman started talking at me. Killed it quick. What a dreadful facility. I hope that it doesn't catch on. ( Am I showing my age?)

AktoMan said...

I did the same when listening to the podzine. I too killed it quickly. Opt-in is better.

Was she fit? I can't remember.

Simon said...

Dunno. She was loud.