Sunday, 18 November 2007

The Time Sponsored By

The Time, Sponsored By AktoMan, is

I thought of adding it to the sidebar, but I couldn't find the space.


BG! said...

Cool. I've been thinking about adding such a timepiece, but never got around to it. Maybe I'll find something suitable soon.

AktoMan said...

You have been spared the one which had my head and the eyes going back and forward, as my Camelbak hose swayed back and fore, as tick followed tock, counting down the seconds of our lives, slicing away at our time left alive like some ethereal bacon slicer. Hey ho.

Big Kev said...

Good find, Duncan. I'm losing track of how many ideas I've lifted from, sorry been inspired by on, your blog :o)

AktoMan said... I lift them from other people's sites ;-)
It is the "blogosphere", not "blogoline". What goes around comes around, maybe even improved.

Story Quine said...

just got masel a nice green clock - lovely! Weirdly enough am away to buy a new clock for the kitchen since the old one has finally died. Am annoyed, i liked it!!

AktoMan said...

A broken clock? It must mean it's Hammer Time!