Friday, 16 November 2007

Tescos Danestone

Place has been renovated. Now you have a split level shiney new-looking store. Ooh. "sorry pal, but this isn't the customer entrance, that's further into the store". Good start. Besides the count-the-folk in gates is a gap for staff. Not customers. My bad. Some sort of gate might be in order. Upstairs, the gents clothes are away at the back. I hate being treated like a 2nd class shopper, so turned instead to the geek stuff. Bigger range, including a Nikon d40. But it was out of stock, and just on display, so no info. Downstairs again - i am reminded that i have to push my trolley when travelator stops - they are selling their 2skin tents for under a tenner. Same for a small LED headtorch. Multitool for 2quid. Reflec strips for safety at night and even gear for horses and riders. I bought a few items and my first Christmas present of the year. No idea who it is for, and i feel no more festive than i did in the rains of summer.


sally in norfolk said...

where would we be with out

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